Saltwater Massage Studio was established in 2013 by Gretchen Hill who had a longstanding vision to create a beautiful, happy, healing center and a positive work environment for advanced massage therapists.

After moving to Gloucester from Cambridge, Gretchen decided that it was time bring that vision to life and put down roots in a community that felt like home. Inspired by her love of the Gloucester coastline and her deep-rooted family history that threads Gloucester history back to the 1800’s, Saltwater Massage Studio was born. 

Since opening, Saltwater Massage Studio has expanded into a thriving wellness center and a team of high-level massage therapists. We are grateful to and inspired by our community: an eclectic group of artists, entrepreneurs, hard-working families, visitors who share our love of the coast, commuters who work in Boston, and everything in between.

We hope that what we offer brightens your lives.