Relaxation-Focused Specialty Treatments

Pure Bliss Massage

75 Min: $130

90 Min: $145



This full body therapeutic/deep tissue massage incorporates warm oils infused with Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oils to offer deep comfort and relief from sore muscles and stress.  Warm stones are used to melt upper back tension and an aromatherapy scalp massage brings you to a deep state of relaxation.  The treatment finishes with a Lavender-Mint foot scrub and warm towel wrap to soothe tired feet.

Radiant Bliss Massage

90 min:  $160


Our most luxurious treatment. A perfect gift to self or a loved one.

This treatment includes a full body therapeutic massage using warm aromatherapy oils infused with Rose-Geranium essential oils and warm stones are used to massage the muscles in the upper and lower back as well as the feet and calves.  Your body is then massaged with pink himalayan salt, shea butter and coconut oil to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation.  Warm towels are used to cleanse the body and a hydrating organic body lotion is applied to replenish moisture in the skin.  Also available as a Lavender-Honey scent option.

Reiki Healing Session

30 min: $50

60 min: $90


Reiki is a gentle treatment aimed at using the "universal life force" to promote healing the body's energy field and chakra system.  This is a relaxation-focused treatment that involves very gentle touch and promotes deep relaxation to support the body's natural healing process.  The 30 and 60 minute Reiki Healing Sessions do not include traditional massage.  Reiki is also available as an add on to any of the Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage sessions with Felicia, Grace and Amber.