What is the difference between a Therapeutic Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage?

Generally speaking, Deep Tissue Massage applies more targeted pressure using elbows, knuckles, and forearms and incorporates techniques such as cross-fiber friction and static pressure (sustained pressure in one spot) to loosen adhesions and muscular restriction.  We don't distinguish between these two types of sessions because the sensation of pressure is subjective and because most people need a more blended approach.  All of our therapists provide a range of bodywork styles and adapt to the individual, however if you know you love deep massage, it is recommended that you book with Heather, Grace, Amanda or Justin.

Do you offer couples massage?

Yes and No.  We are able to accommodate pairs (and groups of 3) side-by-side but in separate rooms.  We believe that this gives you the best therapeutic experience possible and allows for deeper relaxation.

Is the Muscle RECOVERY Massage the same as a Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage with all of the a la carte options?

Booking a Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage with all of the a la carte options will give you a similar experience to the Muscle RECOVERY Massage but the a la carte options are intended as "spot treatment" services.  The Muscle RECOVERY Massage is our most therapeutic and cost-effective way to bundle all of the services.

Can I gift one of the massages from my package to a friend/family member?

Unfortunately, no.  Packages cannot be shared.

I am trying to book online but I want to pay with a Gift Certificate or cash.  What do I do?

No problem.  Give us a call and we will book your session for you.  We will need the Gift Certificate # or a credit card to make the reservation for you.  Your credit card will only be charged in the event that you do not arrive for your service or that you cancel without notice.