Saltwater Massage Studio

Saltwater Massage Studio is provides therapeutic massage in a casual, comfortable studio in Downtown Gloucester.  Our massage therapy services aim to improve overall quality of life for our clients by offering practical and effective relief.  Information regarding services, rates, and team bios can be found at  

 Pain under your shoulder blade?  Does your low back throb?  Did you wake up with neck pain?

You don’t have to live with it!

Massage Therapy

Gretchen uses neuromuscular therapy to address tension in a client's trapezius muscle resulting from lifting weights.

Gretchen uses neuromuscular therapy to address tension in a client's trapezius muscle resulting from lifting weights.

Looking for a deep massage that addresses your aches and pains?  You have come to the right place.  Our massage therapy sessions blend deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy and myofascial therapy with relaxation-focused techniques to target restricted muscles and irritated tissue create an experience that is deep, effective and relaxing.

Every body is unique and therefore every massage is too. Each massage is tailored to the specific needs of each client, and to treat YOU uniquely.  Unlike spas that charge extra for more pressure, we believe in using “every tool in our toolbox” to give you the treatment that your body needs.   

For info regarding specific therapists training and style, see our staff bios.

30 Min: $50  60 Min: $85   75 Min: $100    90 Min: $115

Package Pricing Available.




the pure bliss massage

When stress is high, your nervous system needs a little extra support to achieve rest and maintain health.  Blending aromatherapy and hot stone treatments with deep therapeutic massage, The Pure Bliss Massage is designed to be that extra dose of relaxation that nurtures both body and mind.

Choose from 4 organic blended oils infused with essential oils to induce relaxation.  This session begins with a warm stone treatment on the back, includes a full body therapeutic massage (with deep tissue where needed!) and ends with a heavenly ginger citrus foot scrub and warm towel wrap. 

This treatment is highly recommended for anyone suffering from insomnia, struggling with high-stress situations or grief, or as a gift for a loved one (including yourself!).

75 min: $115     90 min: $130

Integrative cupping Massage


Cupping Massage uses the placement of silicone cups on areas of tension to decompress muscle tissue and address connective tissue restriction, improve circulation, move lymph fluid, and improve overall muscle function.  In these sessions, your MT will incorporate the use of cups into a therapeutic/deep massage, using both static suction (cups left in place) and at times using the cups in a more mobile method to create stretch within the tissue.  Clients love cupping because it allows for deeper, more effective massage with less discomfort.  Warm eucalyptus towels placed on your back complete the therapeutic experience.  (available scent free as well)

60 min:  $95     75 min:  $110     90 min: $120    

30 min (cupping only): $55



60 min: $85  

Prenatal massage offers support during pregnancy to help the body adapt to the physical and gravitational shifts that lead to hip, low back and neck pain.  Prenatal massages are completed in “side-lying position” using pillows for comfort or using our special prenatal massage tables that include a cushion cut-out so that she may comfortably and safely lay on her belly during the session.  Our number one comment is “I’m so comfortable, I would be happy just to lay here for an hour!”  We recommend buying a package for monthly sessions during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Therapeutic massage during pregnancy offers a variety of benefits ranging from reducing pain and discomfort to restoring a sense of emotional well-being.  Specifically, prenatal massage can be helpful to:

Noel at 8 months. (Photo: Vignette-Noelle Lammott)  

Noel at 8 months. (Photo: Vignette-Noelle Lammott)


  • Address pain in the hips, shoulders and neck that occurs as a result of postural changes.
  • Provide needed rest if sleep is difficult.
  • Decrease the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone) to decrease anxiety and increase a sense of well-being.

Prenatal massage is considered to be safe and beneficial during pregnancy.  However, some precautions are taken during pregnancy to ensure safety. Specifically, acupressure points associated with stimulating contractions and exceptionally deep techniques are avoided.  As with all medical conditions, women that are pregnant and considered to be "high risk" should consult a physician before receiving massage. 



Appointments are offered 7 days a week.

Make an appointment online or by calling 978-390-7600.

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Cancellation Policy

In fairness to our massage therapists and to other clients, we require that 24 hours notice be given to cancel or reschedule an appointment or full payment will be required (or deducted from a package).  We appreciate your corporation!