Saltwater Massage Studio

Saltwater Massage Studio is provides therapeutic massage in a casual, comfortable studio in Downtown Gloucester.  Our massage therapy services aim to improve overall quality of life for our clients by offering practical and effective relief.  Information regarding services, rates, and team bios can be found at  

ayurvedic ritual massage & warm Oil pour (Abayanga and shirodhara) - 2 HOURS

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of balancing the body and mind for health and happiness.  We have taken two traditional therapies and blended them with our own signature style to create a unique experience that is all our own.

The treatment begins with a full body massage using warm, herb-infused oils that are selected based on your mind-body type (called doshas in Ayurveda).  This type of massage follows a traditional sequence and oils are applied lavishly to elicit deep relaxation, comfort the nervous system and support immune function by encouraging lymphatic circulation.  Warm towels are used to cleanse and nurture.

Once the massage is complete, rosewater-soaked cotton is used to cover the eyes and a steady stream of warm oil will be poured from a copper vessel continually for 30 minutes over the forehead and scalp. fully enfolding the hair and scalp with nourishing oil

The session finishes with an aromatherapy neck, shoulder and scalp massage using essential oils that are beneficial to your dosha.  A few moments are left at the end to reacclimatize before getting up and you are encouraged to sit for a few moments before leaving.

2 Hour Session:  $250

In Ayurveda, these bodywork therapies are traditionally used to treat symptoms of insomnia, anxiety fatigue periods of high stress, headaches, frustration, jet lag, post-traumatic stress, and depression. 

We do not claim that this treatment is a substitute for medical care but believe it can be a beneficial component of a self-care plan.

Things to know about ayurvedic bodywork

There is no getting around it, Ayurveda is all about oils.  These treatments are meant to be followed by downtime, warm showers, nourishing food, etc. and not a night on the town.  Following Shirodhara, it may take several washings for the oil to be completely removed from hair.  It is best to schedule this session at a time when oily hair won't cause too much disruption.

Unlike our other massage therapy sessions that focus on addressing specific muscular concerns, Ayurvedic Bodywork is focused on calming the nervous system, inducing deep therapeutic rest, and creating opportunity for the body to heal and replenish itself through returning to a more balanced state of being.  These sessions follow a similar sequence at every session.  If you are seeking deep tissue work or symptom-specific muscular therapy, it is recommended to schedule a therapeutic massage session as an alternative.







Cancellation Policy

We require that 24 hours notice be given to cancel or reschedule an appointment or full payment will be required (or deducted from a package).  We appreciate your cooperation!